...Dimensional Lumber, Mulches and Biofuels from the recycling of salvaged and reclaimed urban forests
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Urban Tree Recycling:
THE Environmental Source
for Wood Products

Green Waste Recycle Yard
the recycling division of
Richmond Recycling Facility Hours:
7:00a-4:00p, Mon-Sat

Berkeley Office Hours:
COVID UPDATE, 10/1/20: operating mostly remotely. We check emails and voicemails. We will respond within 24 hours.
8:30a-5:00p, Mon-Fri
General, Recycling & Mulch: (510) 527-8733
Lumber & Flooring: (510) 665-4517
Fax: (510) 549-3965

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Mailing Address:
PO Box 2377
Berkeley CA 94702


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COVID update 10/1/20:
For the present time, we are open our
NORMAL hours for green waste recycling.

Subject to change with any future emergency directives.

Recycling rate sheet updated Feb 1st, 2020
View/download our current recycling rate sheet 188比分直播排球比分.
In 2010, our corporate office and tree service division (The Professional Tree Care Company) moved into our brand new office building- built mostly from wood milled by Green Waste Recycle Yard from locally salvaged logs!

Species we recycled into the building include Douglas fir and Monterey pine for framing, Coastal redwood for exterior siding, Monterey cypress for our facade lathe screen and for cabinetry, Blue gum eucalyptus for flooring, and Claro walnut for countertops. To see some photos, please check out 17pk亲朋棋牌

Green Waste Recycle Yard & Millworks is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier resource for recycling salvaged urban trees.

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Treeincarnation%reg MulchCypress PergolaChip Pile


Green Waste Recycle Yard & Millworks is the Bay Area's premier source of recycled wood products milled from discarded local trees. Other than reusing lumber salvaged from local buildings, there is no greener lumber alternative. Our products include:
  • Redwood and Monterey Cypress lumber for outdoor structures and fencing
  • 100% organic landscape timbers from Eucalyptus to replace toxic railroad ties
  • Structural lumber from Monterey Pine and Douglas Fir
  • Flooring and paneling for indoor use
  • Locally sourced organic mulches


Green Waste Recycle Yard is a state certified small business (OSDS Ref# 19519) helping people meet their green building goals. We have provided recycled lumber or milling for notable green projects, including:


The Professional Tree Care Company is our sister tree service, offering completed professional tree care services throughout the greater Bay Area since 1980. Unlike most tree removal services which chop trees into small rounds, The Professional Tree Care Company uses cranes to remove trees as long logs whenever possible, insuring the highest possible level of reuse. PTC recycles 100% of logs and trimmings through Green Waste Recycle Yard.


Green Waste Recycle Yard products have a naturally low carbon footprint because we source, manufacture, and distribute locally. Further, by saving logs and trimmings from anaerobic decay in landfills, we reduce the production of potent greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide. In 2016, Green Waste Recycle Yard diverted over 17,000 tons of green waste from the landfill!
Bay-Friendly Landscaping and Gardening
To learn how to design, construct and maintain sustainable landscapes for the San Francisco Bay area, please click the Bay-Friendly Landscaping logo above.
©2014 Arboricultural Specialties, Inc. dba Green Waste Recycle Yard. All rights reserved.

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